Cholesterol and its affects.

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Cholesterol and its affects. Empty Cholesterol and its affects.

Post  liquidg on 9th April 2011, 10:40 am

My cholesterol,blood pressure and blood sugar issues inspires to share a little,maybe it will help some one else?

This is about the fat solid types with in the blood and the ways in which it affects us.

These fats can be quite often, not a result of what we eat as our liver manufactures a few forms of cholesterol, some essential for good health and others quite dangerous in the wrong amounts due to a malfunctioning liver that if let go will stick to the walls of arteries to become atherosclerosis and onto potentially debilitating or fatal blockages called dyslipidaemia.

Fair to excellent cardio vascular health is easily achievable with simple medications and loss of weight, especially in the abdomen and waste areas.

Consumption of fatty foods, high GI foods, will if left unchecked, ensure heart desease,strokes disabling you, cause ongoing pain, take away quality of life, make you dependant on others,take you from life very early, prevent activities like sports and outings, leave loved ones behind and quite often give you a long drawn out painful very early death!

The following helps keep cholesterol in check.

1. First and foremost, if able, achieve with low impact to your joints, aggressive exercise slowly gotten used to,for 20 to 60 mins a day or a few times per week on regular times and regular days, its important to train your body.

2. Drink filtered or taps water at one to three litres a day and while you exercise especially, this helps prevent blood thickening, dehydration and dry mouth causing tooth decay.

3.Diabetes and cholesterol which will accompany blood pressure is a risk in type one suffers and an even greater risk in type two suffers as the cholesterol becomes denser in type two suffers.
Excess weight, for instance anything above 80 kilos for a 180 centimetres person,especilay if concentrated in the waist area both in the abdomen and the waist line will give you heart desease,potentially switch on type two diabetes if you are pre disposed to this and that does not mean a family history of it, you can be the first in your family quite easily.
The other type two, hidden type two unless protein tested, can come from these conditions as well or can be called impaired glucose tolerance.

4. High fibre foods consumed by persons with healthy livers will make use of dangerous cholesterol to be used on high fibre foods once consumed.

If you have let an over abundance of fat in the abdomin and the other type of fat between muscle and skin,the one that makes us look fat,than you may have advanced heart desease that will show in these ways.

*Shortness of breath with no real exercise
*Dizziness for no apparent reason and regularly when becoming upright quickly.
*Unusual fatigue with mild to no exercise.
*Arm or jaw discomfort.
*Indigestion, nausea or frequently feeling weak.

If your life includes cholesterol issues ,high blood pressure, diabetes, weight around the mid section or smoking, than any or all of these will kill you at a time when there should be more time with your loved ones, amongst sports, hobbies, entertainment or just life in general.

You are dead forever, but your life span with in the over all scheme of things is incredibly short and valuable, why make it even shorter, just from this very common addiction to taste, showing your taste buds want you dead!

With one of each tiny tablet of the lowest dose, once a day,one diabetes and one for cholesterol,combined with a total change in eating habits that took body weight from 98 to 81 kilos easily sustained,lifes certainly looking a little brighter and a little longer.

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