Feather starfish

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Feather starfish

Post  Admin on 14th April 2011, 11:19 am

*. Temp---tropical-20 to 28-southern-16 to 24.

*. Conditions---Very good water quality over all for long success.

*. Negatives---Affected by ammonia. Low salinity. Low oxygen. Needs good PH and hard water. Large angels, wrasse and some crustaceans will bother them. Need constant food. May attach to and shade some corals. Tend to block exits and over flows.

*. Positives---Very colourful. Eats a little of the tanks parasites. Gives of virtually no waste or pollutants.

*. Comments---Any one in any tank will last a week to 3 months unless an auto feeder is used. Any longer with out an auto feeder and starvation or poor water quality will make them fall apart. These creatures normally feed at night. They feed by catching the fine food in the tips of their features and pass it to the centre then pass it down to the mouth at the base. There can be a parasite or two living on these mainly comasteridae family creatures, like shrimp or worms etc.

If a lot of care and feeding is adhered to they can be a very successful addition to an aquarium.

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