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Emperor angelfish (Pomacanthus Imperator)

Flame angelfish (Centropyge loriculus)

Queensland yellowtail angelfish (Chaetodontoplus meredithi)

* The Imperator is found in most areas with water temperatures no lower than 18 degrees at the coldest, though more common in areas above 24 degrees on coral reefs. The flame is found in Vanuatu and the Hawaiian Islands, rarely anywhere else. The Personifer and its very close west coast cousin the meredithi are endemic to Australia though its cousins, the Conspicillatus and the Balina Angel are only found on the east Australian Pacific Ocean, the Conspicillatus to New Caledonia.

*All three types prefer 22 to 26 degrees though the Flame and the Imperator can handle to 30 degrees with high water quality.

*PH should be stable above 8.1 plus and moderate carbonate hardness. The Flame belongs to the Centropyge varieties, the Imperator to the Pomacanthus varieties and the Personifer to the Chaetodontoplus varieties and it will breed with the Conspicillatus, though their offspring are born sterile. The foods are the same for all three. All but the Flame and Coral Beauty will bother your coral, a little or a lot.

*Best foods are Ė Sushi wrap hung in tank each day, Cunjivoe as a treat each 2 to 3 days, but donít leave any Cunjivoe in the tank after 3 to 4 hours. For day-to-day food Ė mix Sushi wrap, Cunjivoe, marinara, dried krill, spirallina into a blender with six teaspoons of marine salt to prevent bacteria from forming when thawed.

Then blend to a smallish size. You can freeze the mix into cubes ready for future use. A light to medium amount should be in your tank. Feed your tank one day out of seven-dried food and one day no food, to give your system a rest.

Good UV lighting should also be used and replace every 4 months. Your tank should have algae growing in it. Somewhere to hide is very important for your fish or the stress will kill them.

There are not many diseases in the ocean because of the salt, thatís part of why there is so much life out there. Good salt levels like .24 to .26 upset most bacteria and preserve quality of life.

An important thing to remember about the flame is it is very susceptible to nitrate poisoning, if the fishes colour starts to fade this could be why.

The main problems are parasites and these can only attack your fish if they are foreign breeds that are not use to our parasites that come in the water changes or mainly when your fish are under stress.

When they lose their mucus coating, because of stress, of which has their immune system in it, they can then be attacked by parasites and their scales are not much protection. Keep stress away from your fish that can endure a tiny piece of ocean to live in, without stressing about it and they will live.

*All Angels are territorial. You should vary species and the sizes. All Pomacanthus hate each other as all Centropyge to some degree.

*The easiest to keep is the Coral Beauty, then the Semicircullatus, then the Heraldi and Imperator and so on. Forget the Regal, 99 out of 100 need coral in their diet.

*Though certain species live, feed and multiply in a particular way, there can always be an exception to the rule.

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