Wrasse keeping.

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Wrasse keeping.

Post  Admin on 14th April 2011, 11:28 am

*. Temp---Tropical species-22 to 30/Temperate-14 to 25 on average.

*. Conditions---Southern species are normally capable of withstanding lower quality water. Smaller species are normally a bit more susceptible to low water quality. Obviously the better your conditions the better any of them will keep.
Plenty of swim throughs are always good for these fish. Maybe for some, a substrate could help as well though not needed if they are not at threat.

A night light for wrasse is extremely beneficial!

*. Negatives---some of the Thalassoma varieties can be a problem. As with most wrasse they may kill shrimp, crabs, sea stars, sea urchins, etc. There are also quite a few wrasses that may jump out of a non-protected tank.

*. Positives---Colourful, constantly moving. Smaller varieties can be a good addition to your tank.

*. Food---These types of fish enjoy benthic invertebrates and will search out a diet of shrimp, crabs, brittle stars, small fish etc
When making a home made food for them,incude some cunjevoi.
Add an opened soldier crab or cunje or prawn as a treat for them on a regular basis

*. Comments---The best and gentlest would have to be the Choati, juvenile coris gaimard, Cirrhilabrus variations, juvenile femininus, the hemichoreas chrysus, most labroids and over all small species are normally a safe bet.

All wrasse use cover for night time while they wait for daylight or when threatened, most use the substrate for this, some, including cleaner wrasse use an excreted mucus sack they enclose them selves in, if they remain under cover for extensive lengths of time, like several days on end, it may mean it has issues and there are quite a few potential issues it can have!
To much time remaining in cover may mean they will die as a result of the stress that is keeping them there.

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