Coffee rock reefs of Moreton island.

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Coffee rock reefs of Moreton island.

Post  liquidg on 14th May 2011, 4:31 am

These reefs run, more or less, the entire length of Moreton Islands east side.

Most of the northern areas are with in the green zone and there is no taking there.

The southern areas of the coffee rock reefs, including Cunjivoe reef are take zones and are much better in varied life forms any way due to the close proximity of the bay water as it comes out of the bar containing a lot of nutrient and algae based plankton feeding on the nutrients.

These food sources gives a much broader food supply, especially the Cunjivoe and similar feeding food chain creatures, that will sustain an immense diversity of life forms, including crayfish,dinner species and aquarium fishes.

You just need to be aware of the best overall conditions to get this area on the right day for scuba or free diving viewing of life, collecting and spear fishing in waters from 7 to 15 metres of depth and you will not be disappointed.

The green zone areas are normally easier to get clear water with out picking the right water conditions, but it does not have the life variety or the zoning to partake in water sports beyond just looking.

The cunjivoe reef sections are very good for crays,due to cunjivoe being a big part in the crays food needs.

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