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Fish collecting questions Empty Fish collecting questions

Post  Kate on 23rd May 2011, 8:39 am

Just finished reading a thread by the aandtsociety on that rtaw forum,the thread is from here i presume
I was blown away, I didn’t know wether I was coming or going while reading the comments, hate this, know that, great this, I came away from that totally bamboozled
Some things on there had me wondering what you do to collect fish from the sea
What things do you use, is this illegal, I saw so much negativity there I don’t know what to think or ask
Not that I am condemning, just asking


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Fish collecting questions Empty Re: Fish collecting questions

Post  liquidg on 23rd May 2011, 2:37 pm

You certainly are inquisitive

That’s a complex set of issues to answer, more so anything directed at that forums users for those marine clubs.

It’s a very long drawn out story.

You see on that forum, a few will condemn the collection of marine species with out understanding it at all for their own nonsensical reasons, like, I dive there so you shouldn’t collect there, they will come out with environmental talk and be agreed with, you see it is very trendy to be green even when so many don’t really know why we have environmental problems,some people will always get on board when the right words are used, that’s why cults do so well in society.

Than some one wants to think they have dived longer than others and tries to retrieve his ego he feels is damaged by others that have been diving far longer and with varied experiences beyond just standard scuba diving.

As you probably saw, there are the childish comments and there are the actual experienced divers comments and other average decent peoples comments, but that forum has a few very out spoken interesting examples of societies woes on it and of course I have been into marine activities for quite a while now and when non sensible comments continue without knowledge to back them up, I get annoyed at this and react, so I suppose I am a bit stupid for reacting as well when those types are most certainly not worth it.

That thread is part of many threads put on that forum, the thread after that one or just before, I forget, was removed because the few on there raving on were proven wrong and the thread was removed not long after I got a very helpful high ranking lady DPI worker, that I told what was being said on that forum, so she emailed me the links and some wording on the actual regulations from the governing body on that subject that they were contesting to try and say our trips were illegal, she gave me the link, the wording, her contact details at DPI for clarity and than onto their forum, not long after that the thread was removed and the info links are in their info area now i am told.

We have some of their club members in our club, we hear it all.

Now the wave break island issue as well, there is an interesting forum user in the thread on that forum raving on about something he has no idea about as usual, we don’t go to wave break island much, once a year maybe, in fact he or some one for him commented on this forum and he was told the box fish as such was not collected there and he said on that forum that it was, you see there are no other dice box fish around, what a twit, they are so common its ridiculous and they are commercially collected.

We would maybe go there once a year because the commercial guys hit it hard and there normally isn’t much there for us after the season is well into it and the last time we went there as a big club trip ,this was for the safety side of that place for every one to have a dip and chase something for their tanks.

There were two commercial collectors there that day, one came past eyeing off our spot and gave us a dirty look and parked a little ways down the wall, the other was working the trendy side of the rock wall and got into trouble with the wind and current that we were avoiding.

He was trying to collect before all the divers turned up as the current eases off, while he was on hooker (compressor on board with air line down to the diver) the boat blew towards the rocks and the dive boat turned up and had to tow him out from the wall and the hooker hose tangled on his prop, what a mess.

The loss of fish in aquariums does happen, on that forum as with all forums on marines, every one has deaths, just imagine all those people having just four deaths per tank, makes you think hey.

There is a mention of the preference of commercial guys being much better to their fish, some are good and I have worked with two and amongst four, he thinks they all treat their catches nicely, what an idiot and with the shops, normally the bodies are taken out before onlookers arrive, thats normal, fish die.

The sizing issues of the caught species supposedly being dinner species is more scare mongering, nothing new there.

There was one interesting user making the outdated tanks and over crowding comments, I remember the Q branch president rusties son stripesthe eel loosing lots of his imported fish species in one go, but hey those fish don’t count, they didn’t come from here and he is only one forum user and only one of their club members and as with some over there, total hypocrites, that is if he condemned our collection of Auzy waters fish.

Mr Miagi, Braddles, Tommie,to name a few, seem to know what’s what.

Their comments are sound and seem to be logical and with common sense, they and others like them are needed on that site.

Its funny, a long time ago i am told some reps of their Q branch club starting to get it all going came to a meeting, not many of us were there as it was at a members house a long ways from the majority of members, though the marine group than had not many regular meeting attendees anyway.

When i would put on the early trip photos after we started on the net from here on to that site, there was no diving and collecting forum there that came later.

They wanted to get things moving, we had no idea of the internet and the A& T guys suggested we be a branch of masa and be a part of their forum users, they refused and said it is our way or no way, nothing has changed in all these years, eight or ten years now I think, maybe more, I am not a young man and loose track of years.

It did some good though, with out their type of attitude, myself and the few others interested in showing all what we do, would never have gone on the internet, so thanks to them, some people have our pics to look at now and it will be bigger as time goes on with more underwater pics from Ianqld,danny and myself and two others are thinking of getting into underwater photography.
On most forums there are negative responses and there are positive responses, normally positive, rarely negative, except there.

Actually, a personal message came through from an Auz forum two days ago asking if they could get some moderating done for them in their marine section,that has happened three times from others before.

That is a complement and would happen if there was the time, more than happy to help with what ever is needed to get them more coverage, we go on the net for members for the club,using the some what unique collecting aspect of the club to get attention, some times negative,lol.

As far as tech stuff is concerned I would not be the right person to promote boutique style marine systems, I have used and see regularly both and would stick with some tech,but mainly a natural based system, the big forums like reef central and the south African forum,(marine aquariums south Africa),they promote both, very sensible, though it always leans towards the boutique style systems.

They are smaller but they are more on going money sponges, the older styles were never used right anyway!

Most forum users around the forums are top people and with the threads, also Phil,pkc, was supposed to help but he has health issues with his wife and himself, so he is out of the net scene and I have used his tag for ages now as well.

The last year has not seen much action with collecting as myself and our pres do most trip organising,my life was in turmoil and our pres was having house problems, selling house in a bad market and moving.

We are back into it with many new tanks to fill, mine, our pres, four mates, a few members setting up more tanks and we are back into displays for club promotions.

I hope this answers a little for you, the rest should be answered by opening these links, they are very similar but have a read if you like. cheers

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Fish collecting questions Empty Re: Fish collecting questions

Post  Kate on 30th May 2011, 10:21 am

Thank you for that,it all explains a lot


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Fish collecting questions Empty Re: Fish collecting questions

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