Beech Mont to cedar creek, gold coast hinterland towards Brisbane.

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Beech Mont to cedar creek, gold coast hinterland towards Brisbane.

Post  Admin on 18th June 2011, 2:48 pm

A top day out can be a drive to Nerang behind the gold coast and drive through turning off just through Nerang at Beech mont road and up the mountains you go.

This road is very scenic and a bit scary as there are quite serious drop offs just beside you on this winding road upwards.

The views at the top in Beechmont are very nice and the air seems cleaner up there.

When you leave Beechmont after maybe a coffee shop or a picnic park with free BBQs,go towards Tambourine, than any signs directing you to Beenleigh or Brisbane, follow them and down the hill you go.

Along the way you will come to Botan creek bridge, just before it heading towards Brisbane, there is a lane a hundred yards before it,turn in there and than turn right onto the moved grass and the bridge is a head of you, park as close as you can to it and there is the nicest water hole with a little water fall into it.

Itís the same water that feeds Daniels Park, but a lot more private and from under the bridge is a long walk along the creek over ponds, tiny water falls and lush greenery to appreciate.

The ideal spot to cool off on a hot day and have a bite to eat or a cuppa.

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