A few hints please.

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A few hints please. Empty A few hints please.

Post  midjim on 19th July 2011, 9:16 pm

Hello, I don't have the chance to go on the collecting trips as I can't get to the meetings due to were I live. But I was hoping for a few hints how to find Pepperment shrimp as I have a aptsia problem starting to happen. I got some a few years back when I lifted an old milk crate up off the mud banks, but all I can seem to find are pistol shrimp. any hints would be appreciated or a pm I live on Straddie cheers Mark.


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A few hints please. Empty Re: A few hints please.

Post  liquidg on 20th July 2011, 12:40 pm

There you go midjim,the information is in a PM to you.

Can you help us out mate with some forum content with your adventures.

Don't say or show exactly where you collect though,good luck.

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