Collecting hard to get animals

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Collecting hard to get animals Empty Collecting hard to get animals

Post  collector on 20th July 2011, 9:46 pm

Hi could you please help me with your techniques for catching hard to get species such as shrimps and blennies? I plan on catching a few this summer and would love a few pointers, any tips on catching fish that are hard up in to caves also? Thanks.


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Collecting hard to get animals Empty G'day collector

Post  Admin on 21st July 2011, 2:20 am

If you mean lawn mower blennies, than they require a monophiliment netting normally for ease of catching.

We purchase slightly smaller than three eighth mono for the clubbies when needed, but this can only be used in open waters, not in estuaries!

Be wary of that so you don’t get into strife with fisheries, there are rules on mesh size for estuaries and it’s not hard to abide by them.

At this time of year the numbers of lawnmower blennies are down compared to warmer months, once the waters get back up near 22c the numbers pick up though.

Lawnmower blennies are concentrated in the shallows due to their dependence of algae for grazing,100 mil to 2 metre depths are best for them, they are deeper here and there, but that’s where they are the most concentrated.

Find some cunjevoi where there isn’t a lot of swell movement as to stop you from being there and you will find a few lawn mowers for sure.

Peacock blennies are in the oysters or sometimes around cunjevoi, that’s why in the past we used to call them oyster blennies, the ones they call that now are very ordinary.

Fine mono for them as well, this small of mono is harder to get, we make those ones, though if you wear them down and make them tired they will make mistakes and go into coloured netting.

There are other blennies around, but they all live in the same environments as each other.

You will find most blennies in mud flat pools as well under dead corals or rocks, but the open ocean shallows have the best concentration of most blennies.

The bi coloured blennies we see from time to time are out on the reefs or near to the open ocean in estuaries, not many of them around though.

Don’t forget to put some pics in the forum of your adventures or tanks for all to see.

We just insist that you do not put on exact spots on the forum, on a Personal Message to some one is fine, but not on the forum for all to see.

Top personality with the blennies!

You need to elaborate as to the types of shrimp and fish; they all have different types of habitat that they exist in, so there are different ways to some degree in which to catch them?

Plus put something in the introduce your self section so we can get an idea of whom we are replying to.

Good luck with the collecting mate,keep us posted as to your luck and adventures.

A few of the clubbies at any given time are admin.

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Collecting hard to get animals Empty Re: Collecting hard to get animals

Post  Dazza on 21st July 2011, 2:54 pm

Is it that simple,the lawnmowers are in that depth of ocean,that makes it sound like you don't have to get in the water,just walk around and catch some.
I don't collect,yet i really want another lawnmower in a tank and to get one myself,now that would be great.
Great tips guys.
Very Happy


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Collecting hard to get animals Empty Re: Collecting hard to get animals

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