Ians dve trip sat 30th july 2011

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Ians dve trip sat 30th july 2011

Post  ianqld on 31st July 2011, 2:33 pm

Some more underwater photos from around the area.
The amount of fish life was surprising and every time you turned around something new was swimming up.

There were a few Lionfish out in the open that didn't care about the divers.

This eel got a bit annoyed with it's reflection in the camera lens

This Fan-bellied Leatherjacket was a camera hog and became a nuisance. It would sit in front of the camera and refuse to move away.

Black-spot Goatfish feeding in the sand. The shadow to the right is from the camera hog leatherjacket.

This blackfish and it's mate was very territorial and would attack anything that came into their area, including divers with cameras.

Red Morwong resting at a cleaner station with the Cleanerfish doing what it does best.

Nice size cod being curious, wanted to see what I was looking at.

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