Snorkelling gear and prices please

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Snorkelling gear and prices please Empty Snorkelling gear and prices please

Post  widebay on 2nd August 2011, 10:09 am

This summer my wife and i hope to be doing some snorkelling on a cruise,we have no idea of the type of equip is best or how much it would be to get some practise in before the cruise.
If we like it than that might become a regular sport for us to do together.
Could I get some advice off you guys here?
Also,where is the best place to purchase the snorkelling gear not to far from Brisbane city?
Very Happy


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Snorkelling gear and prices please Empty Re: Snorkelling gear and prices please

Post  liquidg on 3rd August 2011, 9:02 am

The best place is (adreno) use to be called adrenalin at 56 Deshon St Woolloongabba for snorkelling or scuba.

They have all the gear at the best prices normally as well.

Firstly to get is a steamer style wetsuit,3 mill for around $70 for summer and a semi dry 5 mil for around $200 to $290 for winter maybe.

A weight belt with one weight per one mil of wetsuit thickness,get a second hand one if you can for around $10 to $40 on the net.

Get open heal fins to combine with booties, the fins can be around $40 and the booties normally under $30.

The mask should be of a high volume one peice glass if you ever want collect well, they are from $29 and up more or less, just get a silicon one that stays on your face with out the strap on your head to test its fit when you suck in through your nose a little.

The snorkel should be a little cheaper and comfortable with a vent on the bottom of it for water purging ease.

Don’t get a flimsy snorkel!!

When you use a snorkel, tuck it under the mask strap to hold it in place when in or not in use.

If you want a custom built wetsuit, go to (custom wetsuits) near the city at newstead or (rubber jungle) down the gold coast.

That’s about it,good luck.

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