TIM'S 6x2x2.4

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TIM'S 6x2x2.4

Post  tim_bevis on 3rd August 2011, 11:07 am


Hey guys this is my second ever marine tank and basically my 4th ever fish tank both fresh and salt, Iím a 17 year old grade 12 student with a passion for fish and anything to do with fish, fish keeping, fish catching, fishing, spear fishing, scuba and free diving, fish photography ...I think you get the picture, I guess it all started with my family, they never really wanted me to have a cat or a dog apparently??? Too much maintenance and it would be forgotten apparently?? Still to this day I try and convince them that I am Ďresponsibleí to keep one... anyway ...thatís what started my passion for fish ... Ďmaintenance freeí ??? Hahaha got to be joking ...I pride myself on the effort and pride I have for my fish: D anyway i guess this is how people normally start it...it all started 5 years ago perusing across petlink and gumtree (most expensive sites ever...) when after a year or more of searching and reading upon everything fish i could find i find a good cheap deal to convince my ever so strong willed parents. I find a 4x18x18 tank with 4 Oscars (15cm) a pleco (10cm) and same really hardy weed all for $300 OMG I thought so i travelled all of 2 hours and wasted every cent i had saved in my life (pocket money and generous grandparents) to pick it up: D then travelled 2 hours home holding the splashing buckets beneath my legs and watching ever so carefully at the Ďsecured tank in the backí. I arrived home to set it up collecting so sandstone and volcanic rock from my dads prized dry creek bed in the backyard to setup up and amazing looking tank. Going to an unnamed LFS they advise me to take a look at QLDAF to learn why my Oscars eventually ate the couple of colourful goldfish i had put in my tank!!! I was horrified!!! Lol... After years of keeping these BEAUTIFUL FISH ( My favourite to this day) such personality the Oscars had i sold them to afford my new 3FT MARINE TANK !!!!!! I TRAVELLED ALL THE WAY TO BALLINA TO PICK IT UP: D keeping it for over a year and not having any death except for one... ( F***IN ANEMONES AND WAVEMAKERS!!!) I decide itís time to start an upgrade: D!!!!!! After months again of searching i finally find it such an awesome deal !!! my parents say no no no no no no ...i knew they meant it daily i would annoy then daily they would reply with no ...that setup was bought ...devastated I stopped looking:C just studying ever so hard and learning from the tank journals of above 800L on another forum Very Happy grade 12 is halfway through when i found my upgrade the one i thought had been bought six months prior but they guy had been pissed around for the whole time :O!!!! They make me sooo angry those time wasters!!!! Slyly in my biology class checking out QLDAF....) i decide then
to call him at school in the toilet room hoping it would not sell i could not let is slip by again.. : ( i told him i could not pick it up that weekend end ( being Friday) i say can you hold it for me to pick up on Monday since Iím getting my scuba diving licence that weekend... he replies No I cant hold it Iíve been waiting 6 months and a house move to sell this if itís still available u can take a look mortified thinking should i or should i not throw away the thousands i spent the weekend before on booking and paying for the course and equipment i cross my finger and look up to the sky on my knees i say ď GOD IF YOU ARE UP THERE I NEED HELP!!! PLEASE HOLD UP ALL OTHER BUYERS OF THIS TANK!!!í ( I did not really do this...but i thought about it and i was really really hopeful) through an awesome weekend learning how to dive hoping my beauty would be waiting for me to arrive... i arrive at home that afternoon!!! a mad rush to the phone to call him up asking hopefully if he still had it .......he said YES!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ALL MY DREAMS CAME AT ONCE BEING SUCESSFUL AT GETTIGN MY OPEN WATER LISCENCE AND THE BIGGEST TANK I HAVE OWNED TO DATE!!! Throughout the day of Monday at school through maths and, chemistry and modern history it was on my mind... the school bell rang and i sprinted dragging my grade 8 sister behind me ran to the bus to which we travelled to my dadís work..in his massive Nissan patrol we drove to my grandfatherís house to which i go in his 6.5 foot trayed Mazda Ute. With my dad and sister trailing behind in the patrol and me in the ute we arrive at night at ormeau to an unfamiliar house with a light on the front.. i reach out to knock on the front door when mysteriously the garage door slides open... i am welcomed by a man who points out and says this is the 4x2x2 sump and those are the two 6ft marine metal halide , led and t5 and moonlight units ... my mouth drops open !!! amazed i run on the spot do a back flip and high five him ( did not really happen but i daydreamed about it) keeping cool i follow him through the garage through the kitchen tow hic hi am greeted my two massive 6x2.5x2.5 marine tank a predator and a reef Very Happy!!!!!!!!!! They both equally looked amazing the reef being my favourite however.. immediately fascinated i rush over to the reef tank astonished by its beauty seeing only tanks so magnificent on the internet in pictures, the colours of the coral and fish blinding me i had to turn around to which i was greeted outside by my one true love the 6x2x2.5 marine tank with 12mm glass on a 1.3 or so metre stand with 4x18x18 sump attached!!!! so held up with emotions about to cry with happiness i say this is for $200 right??? ( i actually said that Razz) he replies with yes and says ill chuck in both the 4ft sumps overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness i say perfect !!! i reckon we should start packing it up Very Happy after an hour or more of manoeuvring the really really heavy tanks and stand with 4 people it all packed up in the back of the ute and 4x4. Getting home with just my mum , my dad , my grandfather and me we unpack everything around the back of the house on the back deck ... so grateful i decide to start filling the 6ft and 4x2x2 sumps up with water to check for leaks...the water has been in them for over a week with No leaks which leads me to the present Very Happy!!!!! Creating this tank journal as a type!!! Thanks for reading this part mwhahahah... alot of typing i know just thought id share how much all this means to me hehehe

System Objectives:
Basically the purpose of this is to maintain a larger tank which will
get me through to the end of high school and maybe even university Very Happy

System Type:
FOWLR /Mixed Reef?

Display System:

Strike up Date:

Display Tank:
6 foot long x 2 foot wide x 2.45 high

Display Lighting:
still looking i have 2 MH,LED,t5 units...to much power consumption though.
.im saving for LED or going to do a DIY LED

1.8 metres long x .70 metres x 1.2 metres high

no hood yet thinking due to height of tank and stand to make hood built into the roof ?? lol

4 foot long x2 foot wide x2 foot wide

in the sump? Dedicating a 2ft cube area in sump for it

Refugium Lighting:
using a Constant DIY LED light above sump??

Support systems:

System Water:
Natural salt water collected via boat 10km out....lol

Display Water circulation:
lots of wavemakers...need help determining how to setup a full flow no dead spot system wanna help?

Return Pump:
one that cam with the tank i think its 3000lph

one that came with the tank... no idea of the brand

Evaporation Top Up:
manual at the moment but want to get an auto one?

Chemical Support:
do i need it??? Natural is the way to go ...cheaper ahah

Calcium Addition: Natural... but open for suggestions
Alkilinity Addition: Natural... but open for suggestions
Other Chemical Maintenance: Natural... but open for suggestions
Current Water Chemistry: Natural... but open for suggestions
Nitrates: Natural... but open for suggestions
Phosphates: Natural... but open for suggestions
Alkalinity: Natural... but open for suggestions
Calcium: Natural... but open for suggestions
Salinity / Specific Gravity: Natural... but open for suggestions
Magnesuim: Natural... but open for suggestions

Get ready...lol


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Re: TIM'S 6x2x2.4

Post  liquidg on 3rd August 2011, 1:28 pm

The energy you display is great, good on yah.

When we are young the excitement expressed can get on a much older (mature) persons nerves at times.

I still remember when I was quite young, I was so annoying as to my love for the ocean that my family would say if some one pi--ed on the side of the road I would either try to surf in it or go snorkelling there,lol.

Keep up the enthusiasm mate, we oldies will try to understand as we remember and reflect on our youth as well.

If you have the room, you can make your system do some amazing stuff, a naturally based system does not need calcium dosing pumps, or strontium, or amino acids, or iodine, once established, these can be made via the algae in a home made scrubber, donít throw away the trimmed algae if you incorporate a dry section, the algae will break down left in a bag with in your water just before a pre filtered wet section and add all itís elements to your water helping to release all that makes up your calcium skeletal media as well, like a calcium reactor and the dry section or a massive scrubber will prevent the water from becoming to soft.

Take your time and make it right and you will be tired from all the work, but the end result will get you to the stage of never needing a water change again!

Just one example,there are very large camping bottles, like jerry cans, that if you put them on a home made frame up side down filled with neutralized water with two lengths of micro sprinkler tubing siliconed into the scew on lid, one shorter than the other.

You than support it on that frame next to your system with the shortest tube just touching the surface of the water with the other just under the water, that will auto dose your tank allowing for evaporation.

There is heaps you can make to get a fantastic result.


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Re: TIM'S 6x2x2.4

Post  DeadSled on 7th August 2011, 2:16 pm

Please use your "Enter" key a few times next time you type a paragraph Very Happy

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Re: TIM'S 6x2x2.4

Post  Reef1n on 1st February 2012, 3:29 am

need to sell up moving to cairns :/
anyone interested ???i have two full plug in and go setups one being my first every marine tank (3X18X1
two which through the love that was created by this setup i recently purchased another tank a (6X2x2.4 tank) when i had setup the new tank i decided i no longer needed to smaller 3ft tank setup as a reef tank so i set it up as a quarantine tank to which i decided a predator tank would be easier ( i had a small snowflake moray and dwarf lion fish in this tank )

6ft Setup
1x 6x2x2.4 stank 20mm thick glass ( HEAVY!!!) not display quality however i learnt after i had set it up due to the thickness of the glass u can get a glass buffer would would eliminate all scratches ( none are big just light ) also has a glass patch on bottom corner ) has Absolutely no leaks whatsoever !!!!
1x 1.8 metres long x .70 metres x 1.2 metres high Stand pine and hardwood
1 4x2x2 no scathes or leaks or patches 4 section ( one section could be removed to have a 2foot cubed refugium ( for seahorses or the likes)
1x6ft light hld 1800c ( has 150w metal halide lights , 4 blue led , 2 t8 bulbs Blue n white)
1x 4 x 15 x 18 h sump 4 sections
1 x resun chiller co500
1x Toppy Auto feeder
1x aqua one return pump over 2 metre head?
1 via aqua skimmer
3x200l water drums still completely full of water purchased only 3 weeks ago
2x guppy wavemakers
1X box full of chemicals and for everything need to run a healthy tank

All plumbing and currently running come and take a look!!

2nd setup

1 x 90x30x30 cm tank euro brace display tank maybe 3 scratches!!
1x 4x2 ft stand maybe 3ft high ? pine and enclosed
1x sump 60x30x30 no scrtaches patched
1x nameless skimmer
1x superwin chiller working with new thermostat ( 3 months old)
1x sumo 2x2x1h two section no crack or screeches rag tank ? was to remove glass
1x 4foot light
ANd much much much more !!!
need to sell it all before i move out of home in a month this is EOI at the moment not sure how much i can get for it
it thousands of dollars worth of stuff before so please reasonable offers you get so much extra stuff its crazy because i need to sell everything
I'm moving to cairns !!! I'm not setting up a tank while up their for the next 3 years !! and parents said they would throw anything not sold !!!
thanks Tim

$800 take everything ???


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Re: TIM'S 6x2x2.4

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