Hi guys, could I get some advice on shrimp?

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Hi guys, could I get some advice on shrimp? Empty Hi guys, could I get some advice on shrimp?

Post  able2 on 3rd August 2011, 3:30 pm

The shrimps you have pictures of on the forum, how would I go about collecting those?
I do a little free dive spear fishing and have not seen what you all seem to see.
Just a week ago I was given a 3 foot marine aquarium from my grandparents and I want to catch my own for it.
The shrimps you have shown on here have me interested in keeping just them to start with.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Hi guys, could I get some advice on shrimp? Empty Re: Hi guys, could I get some advice on shrimp?

Post  Admin on 4th August 2011, 4:24 pm

Banded shrimp firstly, they prefer waters that are of constant salinity with low to no wave movement and temps from 16c up.

In the early constant good salinity parts of the estuaries to a kilometre in and quite good numbers in areas with a sizeable back up of water expanse, like a lake or similar to defuse heavy rains, they can be found in a half a metre at the lowest tide and deeper.

As you get closer to the bar of the estuaries where the swell is more concentrated, they are found in deeper waters.

They are heavily dispersing juveniles successfully in SEQ from early September as the waters warm, this is a little later as you head south and more constant as you head north.

The new season ones start to become large enough to see from late September and the juveniles continue to survive the temps up till April and slow down to a near stand still by June.

In the open ocean they are in shallowest waters of low amounts of predators on the non wave side of reefs, some times near sea urchins for protection.

They tend to prefer depths of 50 feet and deeper in open waters due to wave movement and a lack of hiding spots due to the waves and current leaving areas smooth and an absence of secure spots to hide in.

Females are regularly found alone due to males protecting them aggressively when she is egg laden and a female will not protect a male when he has shed leaving a soft shell while she is egg laden.

That’s why you find a large female some times with a small male, the male of the clown fish go down defending the females as well and a new small male takes the female as his partner.

If partners remain alive they are always more or less the same size as each other in most aquarium species.

If you move slowly, these shrimp can be caught with out a net by coaxing them gently into a container, never rush the catching of these or they may drop their nippers or go deeper into the hiding spot.

Slide your gloved hand carefully behind them or the net handle and slowly get them to come out and into the container.

This can take just seconds, its that easy.

If you only want one, please look at them and take the one with out the green colour in its carapace (top half),that’s the females ovaries you can see.

A new male will take her on quick smart, if you leave a male he may try to take another male’s partner and a fight will break out and predators sense this and more than one may die than.

If you move a rock to get one, put it back so there will be more there later on for some one else to catch, or make habitats as you go, they will attract new ones to them when in season.

A habitat for them has a safe size high in and a smaller size out, a rock sat on two, one under each end and stable is good.

There are heaps of banded shrimp at free dive depths!

More shrimp another day.

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