Nano marine/freshwater, with in built in bio filter aquarium build.

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Nano marine/freshwater, with in built in bio filter aquarium build.

Post  liquidg on 16th September 2011, 5:41 am

A couple of weeks back my better half had asked to get a better result from her freshwater tank that was at that stage a one foot tank,this one i converted for her is mainly to achieve an over crowded tank with success!

This was an old two foot tank in not great condition and the glass cut for it,were old toughened glass doors off a display cupboard.

The filter has a barrier of Dacron, as it should to ensure it lasts permanently onto a wet section for nitrite and beside it is a section to convert nitrate and than onto a drip tray for gas exchange.

There is room at the top of this to have a algae scrubber tray as well completing everything needed for a successful marine aquarium that stands alone,as long as the house is cool,if not there is a section for the pump for a chiller.

There is a section in the back for the heater and small skimmer if need be.

Of course this is a fresh set up so if she gets sick of the freshwater species it can be become a matured marine set up in two weeks for all corals and a lot of fish.

The tank also has LED lighting over it.

Some old toughened glass doors that are cut up for the tanks tricle filter on its rear.

The rear glass is removed; itís easier than you would think in gradual stages of removal, even with no tolerance between the glass sections.

The scolap cuts for the exits.

Scrap off all the old silicon and clean with mentholated spirits and than a wet cloth and than dry the glass for the rear glass to be put back in.

Mono mesh to cover exits preventing fish from moving that way.

Glue in the cut sections for the trickle filter.

Always sand cut edges to avoid cutting accidents.

Glue in all sections of tricle filter.

In this tank,plastic backing is used to hide the filter, use a soldering iron to put holes in the plastic to cover the mesh exits.

Leak testing of tank.

Detergent added to ensure leaks, if any,show up quickly.

The finished freshwater tank ready to convert to marines and add an algae scrubber to the top of the tricle filter to acheive spot on success with a reef tank as well.

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