East Auzy current has our collectable marine life on the way for us to collect.

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East Auzy current has our collectable marine life on the way for us to collect. Empty East Auzy current has our collectable marine life on the way for us to collect.

Post  liquidg on 26th September 2011, 1:33 pm

The picture in this thread is in colours of temp but also shows the current.

The green is showing the current that is spreading new fish and inverts in their planktonic stage down the coast, some will get as far as Tassie until to large to exist in the oceans surface rich plankton.

Now that the larvae,eggs,sperm and juveniles are in the mix in this first sizable lead up to summer currents, what the wind does over the next few months will dictate how much of what species gets pushed into the coast line to find a home.

They will be very tiny now and normally transparent while living and feeding on planktonic life forms that they are also for a time.

I remember my first Moorish idol and a forcepiger that I had caught; they were virtually as clear as plastic, they were by accident, as I swept through feather stars with my net in a cave for another fish, weird!!

Each of the varied species we have found over the years have their time as planktonic life as the abundant species in the east Auzy current at that time and if the south easterlies or easterlies come up strong enough at their time, in comes and abundance of that species to settle on the reefs and in estuaries.

If the wind is strong enough it literally bends in the new season life rich plankton outer ocean currents with billions of butterfly fish, angelfish, wrasse, tangs/surgeons of which are normally last of the fish types to breed and disperse.

Once the clown fish senses an anemone and it is of a size suited to leave the plankton, its found a home, most others listen for the clicking of many crabs as such that indicate a reef is near by and swell actions of a reef and down they go to find a home as well.

Most end up on sand and find no new home and perish, others go to far south and winter kills them, others leave the plankton over the far to deep parts of the ocean and most wash up on beaches and become food for many other life forms, over 99 percent do not make it!

The current that is surging along our coastline at the moment and the strong south easterlies that started today are deciding what is abundant and what is not for our collections that will begin to show at their most once big enough to show them selves, from mid to late February.

That’s why from March on, is the best time to find that lovely little semi or copper band or what ever for the aquarium.

The green is the current and a temp example as well.

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This is the link to the current satelite pic of the temps and currents.

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