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Southport seaway.

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Southport seaway. Empty Southport seaway.

Post  liquidg on 29th November 2013, 8:48 am

At this spot, there are several areas to enjoy.

These areas are best after two to three days of East-south east-south-south west- around to westerly winds and a swell under 1.5 metres.
The water will become dirty once the swell reaches 1.5 meters and above due to sediment from the sea way built up out to sea and these largish then usual swells lift the sediment and begins to move the sediment towards shore.
After the second day if winds are from the north to north east the waters are becoming quite dirty,
The stained water and rubbish that comes out of the jumpin pin bar and is pushed south and begins arriving at the sea way from the second day of these winds.

Anywhere in the seaway where there is a rock wall will offer a dive of some kind.
As you get closer to the bar the life lives a little deeper down, but the life increases a great deal.

Concrete platform
This is where most scuba and free divers get in.
Southport seaway. Seawaypopularspot--_zps371eaaf5

This spot is one of the most popular and is virtually in the centre of the southern wall of the seaway.
To find this area, you travel directly past sea world on the spit and at the very end of the road, turn left for thirty metres and you will see the concrete platform for access to the ocean, on scuba or snorkel, both are great here.
Here the water is thirty to forty feet deep.
The tide here is fifty minutes earlier than the Brisbane bar.

Drift dive or snorkel
Just a few hundred yards past the air sea rescue tower towards the open ocean is the best spot for a drift snorkel or dive with the incoming tide.
Try to make sure it has a small variation between high and low tide for the slightest current and clearest conditions.
There are heaps of large schooling fish along here and some colourful ones as well.
This area is fifty to fifty five feet at its deepest.

Wave Break Island
This shows where some boats would park.
Southport seaway. Wave-break-island-parking-_zps205870d9

This spot is accessed by boat and is best at high tide and the next two hours after the high tide as it is protected from the out going tide and not the incoming. You can see it North West from the platform.

Northern wall
The same as the rest of the seaway walls though never any deeper than thirty feet and the vis is always half to less of what is at the southern wall because the way the currents affect this area.

You need a boat to get here, but because of the bad vis and need for a boat the life is normally good.

Near to the end of the north wall at the bar more or less, a little south into the channel is a deepish area of around 50 feet and large fish and a few sharks can be dived with here for the more experienced divers.

Scottish Prince Wreck
This is a basic scuba dive via a boat out to the right through the seaway.
There is not much of a wreck left these days.
Out to sea from the seaway are a couple of lines of reefs, but are very affected by silt.
You just head straight out and watch your sounder in 40 to 50 feet of water, then in 80 to 90 feet of water.

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