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Bicycles and cars?? how simple is it!!!

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Bicycles and cars?? how simple is it!!! Empty Bicycles and cars?? how simple is it!!!

Post  liquidg 30th April 2018, 11:35 am

The bike riders- if you want repsect, stop interfering with traffic by riding two abrest and obey the laws of the road like other drivers have to! For your trips, you pay nothing and ride with out anyone being able to take your rego and report your bad deeds.
The car near by is paying $500 to $1000 to be on the road and its equip is checked and is very costly, you pay nothing for your bike trip like the vehicle drivers have to and your equip is not checked. Very few drivers feel the gap by law between vehicles and you is wrong, it makes sense!!
So stop agrivating the drivers of vehicles and earn their respect by doing what is right to make traffic flow and all of use get to work or home safely as quick as possible!!

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