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Cellulite and Amy sheppard!

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 Cellulite and Amy sheppard! Empty Cellulite and Amy sheppard!

Post  liquidg 17th February 2019, 11:14 am

Amy Sheppard recently decided to dump her photo filters and retouching, saying she is sick of hiding her dimpled butt cheeks.
Okay what causes dimpling on many woman and some guys, woman more so?
This happens in their main areas of fat storage, this is from our distant past for when food was in short supply.
That's why we get fat, fat cells take in converted blood sugars along with crap once worked on by insulin, just in case to keep us alive if we have hard times where we can not find food.
With using our fat storage we can last ages, that's what its for, if enough fat has been stored in our bodies and most importantly, if we can still find water, we would possibly survive the food shortage.
The dimpling many suffer as is called cellulite, is from toxins which are processed foods, the biggies are cheeses, sausages and so on!
This cellulite can be beaten and gone in no time via eating non processed foods with out saturated fats.
Consuming certain fish species are great for this.
Of course many are addicted to these foods and will have to live with butts and thighs like the surface of the moon.
Ooohh poor Amy, lol.

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