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Religious leaders and religions in general, what do they achieve?

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Religious leaders and religions in general, what do they achieve? Empty Religious leaders and religions in general, what do they achieve?

Post  liquidg 30th October 2019, 11:05 pm

A short time ago the headlines were something like “religious leaders band together to stop VAD” I think its letters are for voluntary assisted dieing!!

Perfect!! Not only do they push idiotic fantasies on human sheep and have caused the massing of humans on this planet, thus squeezing out other animals rights to exist here, but they are hell bent on keeping us suffering as our lives end!!

My term for rubbish humans fits these religious leaders perfectly!
Usually its for bullies on line picking on harmless folks, but it suits these idiots beautifully as well, its "UBOS", useless bags of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its their belief, being that they believe in nothing, those words, “their belief!!!” not mine or many others  and we would not be forcing them to use VAD, but we want that choice!!!!, and their belief is just words, no proof of anything at all with their belief, as it is for groups like the flat earth society, but groups like the flat eathers harm no one, as it is with many other groups, so go for it flat earthers and the likes of you, you belong in our society, not bible bashers that harm so many others in so many ways!

Its groups like flat earhters beliefs that do not harm any one really, it is silly but not harmful or as idiotic as religions, but when A-holes like these religious leaders take the likes of my dad and many each week, just in my area and make them and him have to kill himself down the road and not be able to say good by to us, you know his loved ones and die peacefully with us near by, then these religious leaders, oops hang on, best reference these religious dangerous nut jobs, or UBOS more like it, all they achieve is harm to so many, nothing else!!!!

A guy I use to work with, use to swear in many languages, he explained this one liner one day he use to say when pissed off at work, translated it was “I shit on god!!!”
That three letter word means nothing to me and many other folks and is just a fantasy, though I spent a lot of time in church when younger, that time actually confirmed to me, that his one liner meant, you would be shitting on nothing, you would be shitting on a blank space that is used to harm and control others and encourages suffering in human society!!

The benefits of religious leaders, hhhmmmmm, lets see??
So many useless humans use religions to enact wars and attacks and control human sheep and so much more and these idiots, oops sorry, UBOS are no better!!
Religions have always condemned and at every possibility and stopped, especially in the recent past, birth control leading our world into the position it is in, over run by us!
Then being gay is a sin and gay people are ostracized and made to feel less human and were not allowed to confirm their love for each other by a type of marriage being made legal for them!  so being gay is a sin??
its a birth defect you idiots, just like a birth mark, but these days you can get rid of a birth mark, you can not get rid of genetic homosexuality, they don't just decide to want the same sex, they are born that way!!!  What these folks went through, up until recent times because in a major part by religions, is horrific!!

A woman's body, not just used by many of those leaders with out their consent when young, due to the once power of those religious leaders, but stopping the woman's right to decide to end their pregnancy when they feel the need is so wrong and adds to the worlds over population of us and disempowering those woman and as any fool knows, disempowering a person is the most dangerous thing you can do to their mental well being!!.

Our world going from 1 billion humans and all we bring with us to over 7 billion in 2019 is mostly because of religions and that idiotic book written by ordinary people to control ordinary people that encourages folks to breed and our numbers are all of this worlds issues, there are no other issues with this world!!

Heaven?? good one, so those that believe let this world turn to shit as there is another life coming!!

And hell, that is what these idiots create when they force this idiotic books words on others!!

The belief in god and heaven will possibly be the biggest cons in one of this worlds animals history, human history!!

This world needs us gone, we are useless to everything that could be good and beautiful as this world was before our infestation started getting out of hand!! I wonder once we evolve away from this structure what we will achieve for this world cause mainly due to the belief in nothing by so many human sheep, we are certainly a blight on the other animals right to exist here!!

So good on you religious leaders, you achieve nothing!!!!! well nothing good for this world and its "not our world", we just live here as well!!

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