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Stromatolites, life giver to earth!

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Stromatolites, life giver to earth! Empty Stromatolites, life giver to earth!

Post  liquidg 12th August 2020, 2:10 am

Its important to remember our heritage, all of humanities heritage and all life that surrounds us!! No this not some god crap thing, i mean all animals life's heritage! Way back there wasn't any real oxygen here on earth and these guys shown in this link are part of what gave earth is first oxygen allowing complex life forms to evolve and a long time after that, we appeared! These are cyanobacteria of which us reefers try keep out of our aquariums but!!! They are why life can photosynthesis and are found in pretty much all life, so to keep them all out is a waste of time and sort of, harmful to our tank life!! anyway, these are why we get to live!!! From me, i love my life, well most of the time, so in a large part, cyano, respect from me and thank you for my life!!!

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