Assembling a Thermostat to control a Heater or a Chiller or both

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Assembling a Thermostat to control a Heater or a Chiller or both

Post  saltz on 9th July 2012, 12:55 am

As some of you might know, I had a heater malfunction that resulted in losing pretty much all of my fish and a couple of corals and an anemone. I was meant to put together one of these before the incident, but alas, the seller sent me the thermostats with 110V instead of the 220V, so I had to sent them back and had him resend the correct ones.

Anyway, on with the assembling process...

These are all the parts you'll need, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to assemble.

The thermostat I got is a STC-1000, nothing really fancyful, but it allows the controling of both a heater and chiller simultaneously, so, you can hook it up to both a chiller and a heater at the same time.

Electrical Appliance Wall Plug, nothing fancy, just the standard/cheapest ones from Bunnings

First, connect the wires to the wall plug

then, connect the other end to the thermostat (chiller), there are 8 connectors on the thermostat, 2 for the heater, 2 for the chiller, 2 for the temperature probe, and finally, 2 for the AC input.

Assemble another wall plug and connect it to the heater end of the thermostat

Connect the power cord to the thermostat

and finally, connect the temperature probe to the thermostat, there, done!

Here's a little info on the thermostat on the box:

Switch the modes between cool and heat; Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value; Temperature calibration; Refrigerating control output delay protection; Alarm when temperature exceeds temperature limit or when sensor error.
sensor length:2m(include the probe).
Technical Parameters:
1.Temperature measuring range: -50C ~99C
2.Resolution: 0.1C ;
3.Accuracy: ?C (-50C ~70C );
4.Sensor error delay: 1 minute
5.Power supply: 220VAC?0%, 50/60Hz;
6.Power consumption: <3W;
7.Sensor: NTC sensor (1PC);
8.Relay contact capacity: Cool 10A/250VAC;Heat 10A/250VAC;
9.Ambient temperature: 0C ~60C ;
10.Storage temperature: -30C ~75C ;
11.Relative humidity: 20%~85% (No condensate).


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Re: Assembling a Thermostat to control a Heater or a Chiller or both

Post  finfan on 9th July 2012, 1:15 am

Great stuff

But as a disclaimer due to the fact a licenced electrician should only perform this type of work we would recommend you have one do/check it.....

Great idea mate-safer now...


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