Biscuit sea star hangs on for dinner.

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Biscuit sea star hangs on for dinner.

Post  liquidg on 15th August 2012, 3:54 am

One of my biscuit sea stars found a way to get to the last bit of hair algae on the end on this cord that is across the tub and the knot is tied over the middle to stop the tubs from buckeling and this is the bit left over from the knot and just hangs an inch into the water.

The hair algae tried to take over in the first tub after the tang ate all my racemosa as a result the phosphates went thru the roof again.

The biscuit sea stars only eat cyano and hair algae in the aquarium, so this is how desperate it was to get this bit, how it knew it was there I have no idea?

Oh and one of the silly peps saw me and thought it was feeding time and hung off the biscuits leg. Very Happy

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