Latezonatus/clarkii hybrid.

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Latezonatus/clarkii hybrid.

Post  liquidg on 16th October 2013, 12:42 pm

Approximately two years ago on a collecting trip, I found a large clarkii and an equally large latezonatus acting as a mated pair.
This may not sound like a big deal, but we do not see clarkii amphiprions down this way at all.
That being said the truly amazing thing about finding this pair is that one is a temperate species and the other is a tropical species.

Now the next interesting thing was, around a few months after catching this pair, not that far away from the collection site, there was a very small latezonatus in an anemone and its brightness was why it was collected,latz here are very common so rarely do we want any.

This little lat has been in my tank now for nearly two years and was one of the latz I have that survived the power outage from the cyclone of the 28-01-13.

It started out as a nicer coloured lat then usual and now is not the colour of an adult of a juvenile lat.
The other latezonatus react to each other as normal for latz, but with this one they either ignore or bully it, they always have.

This latz face has both lat and clarkii markings, the body has the latz wide bands and most fins have clarkii colours.
These are the adults collected that have well and truly acheived breeding size.

Itís hard to get good pics of the littler guy as it is always moving due to bullying.
Two pics of the off spring.

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Re: Latezonatus/clarkii hybrid.

Post  Simon51 on 17th October 2013, 10:29 am

That's a nice fish mate


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