Bonsai Marine Aquariums - Bringing the Best to Australia

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Bonsai Marine Aquariums - Bringing the Best to Australia

Post  henryg on 1st April 2014, 1:37 am

I have been here lurking on the forums for some time now, and do apologize for my lack of engagement. Though it has been a busy time for me preparing to launch, Bonsai Marine Aquariums.

Something new and hopefully very exiting for many reefers and freshwater hobbyists alike in Queensland, and soon through out Australia.

Our goal is to give Australian Reefers and freshwater lovers the best aquarium systems on offer, right here in our own back yard. We have set out to achieve this by bringing together some of the best products on the market combined with unrivalled design and system functionality. Our facebook page is live with plenty of updates, not only on the business but also on the world of fish keeping, hoping to inspire and inform fellow hobbyists. Our website is running, though still needing some more content added in places, we are working at this furiously to get the whole Bonsai Marine line-up on there.

The products we offer branch from a fundamental set of ideas. Simple, Stunning and Functional. All of our displays are made from starphire glass, every pane! They are rimless with bevelled edges to create that super modern and minimalist look. You can order bare tanks and stands or have us modify them. We offer a standardised internal overflow and sump filtration system, across all our sizes. Packaged with Skimmer, ATO pump/sensor, Return pump and ATO reservoir. Our stands have no small finicky doors or tight cramped spaces, they are steel skeletons with a beautiful hardwood casing which slides away from the aquarium giving you full access from all sides. Offering maximum usability and minimum maintenance headaches. (Larger systems also include under lights to illuminate your sump area for easy observation and cleaning)

Stainless steel light hangers are also available for most sizes, at an additional cost. The only two components we currently do not include with our systems is the lighting and display circulation. Only due to these being a very personal choice and often varying greatly with the chosen inhabitant. We are however looking to make a few options for lighting available. Which should cater to most keepers.

The freshwater systems come as a bare tank and stand. They are intended to work with canister filters or internal filtration. We can however make them with sumps for larger fish and cichlids to handle the increased bio-loads.

At this moment our main focus is on SE Queensland and the local customer base. Though anyone interested in these systems elsewhere please email me as I am actively establishing shipping methods to get our systems out Australia wide! All systems are made to order, bare tanks how ever when in stock can be ordered same day. The Systems depending on complexity have a 7-14+ day turn around. This is to account for customer preferences and fabrication time.

Please head on over to the Facebook page and press the ol like button! Spreading the word will only help us bring bigger and better things your way.

and the web page

Thank you so much for the support and honestly helping to inspire more ideas then you may think!

Henry Gilpin
Bonsai Marine Aquariums


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