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Post  Simon51 on 8th November 2014, 1:11 pm

probably about 8 months ago now I upgraded my tank and sold my last tank to a guy from work. I also gave him about a foot wide fluro green carpet anemone, as I didn't want it in my new tank eating everything and he seemed to think it was the best thing on earth.  over a little while a few things happened, dropped his light in tank, went away with work and so on. he got home one day to carpet anemone half clogged up and jammed in the wave maker. it has also eat a few things in his tank and he wanted to get rid of it and had it in his sump. i have 1 refugium and 1 tank with just a 6 inch sand bed, for nitrate reduction due to not having any substrate in my display tank, this then flows into my refugium. so i thought i would put the carpet in the sand tank with a light above it for awhile and see how he go's getting back to strength. i have gotten him to eat once so far. tomorrow i will try again.

here are a couple of pictures i took before i put him back into the tank. the yellow thing is just a pen.

re-carpet DSCN0102_zpscf4d027e

re-carpet DSCN0103_zpsdd72f775


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