How does the aquarium species industry impact of marine life or anything else!

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How does the aquarium species industry impact of marine life or anything else! Empty How does the aquarium species industry impact of marine life or anything else!

Post  liquidg on 5th April 2015, 7:25 am

I read something on face book the other day and felt a bit sad that most folks know nothing, oh and this also involves why these gutless looney supposed religious groups that recruit so many other gutless looneys in Arabic areas and Africa, oh and anywhere really!

Okay, with the ocean that this is originally about, i have had the pleasure and experienced so much incredible beauty with the ocean and sadness to have seen most all connected with this for over 40 years!

Any one with any accumulated knowledge knows that the aquarium species industry, coral collection and or fish harm absolutely nothing in “any way”!

There are many no take zones in all reef areas around the world as there should be and also it means so much below nothing compared to commercial fin fish species harvesting, climate change, adverse estuary and air born human affects to the ocean.

What happens is your gov and the other wankers, they drive the discussion off towards something like oil tankers or dredging or even the mindset of nemo or what ever, this is to take the heat off the real issues, it’s called distracting the masses and it is done constantly.

Most of us folks are mindless sheep and know very little related to the oceans functions and any real environmental issues, but with human instincts the way they are it is so easy for wankers and the gov to turn them towards the boat anchors, fishing and collecting that are the real makers of the co2 and marine pollution????? lol.
Are we really that simple, I am afraid most of us are!!!

So from that you have groups like pita is it and our marine conservation society, which one and maybe the other a little reminds me of the flat earth society, they both have nothing worth while to add to anything, just entertainment value!

So before any thing like most of us being meat eaters and car drivers are brought up, a vegetarian still uses the tele or some kind of info or entertainment media, then the toilet, manufactured rain water tanks, chems in out water, solar panels, all that homes and cars and bikes are made of leaching back to nature due to the weather/sun/rust dissolving everything eventually, all paper, cardboard, paint, mobile phone, push bike, house, shops, roads, pipes, screws, bolts, glues etc,etc, all these had to be manufactured and made a shit load of pollutants during said manufacturing and that is before we take our medicines and through our waste they goes into nature via the sewerage and then we pass wind, flush that toilet or put more in the sceptic tank or expel co2!!!

Just look at it in the way that the common folk would react to this, “oh my god the rspca put down a lovely little terrier” and just two miles away the they cut the heads off two thousand chickens and 50 ks away they killed 5 hundred cattle and near everywhere they mow their lawns and the grass emits anti bacterial gases, gardens use co2 emitting organic matter via microbes, but you see they didn’t see or even understand any of that or even want to!
With the food animals, they are for dinner and the little terrier was so very pretty!!! So the little terrier mindset is what is important, lol.

The mindset of most of us will always be controlled towards bull shit and have no drive to deal with or realise the real issues.
Some will say this and that and the other and recycle, lol, but by that they do absolutely nothing about them!
Recycling though great on the surface enables more of us to exist!

There are to many of use, by at leat 90 percent of how many are here now and amongst them you get a lot of nut cases and with such massive human numbers, this equates to a lot of nut cases!
If you have one nut case per each hundred people and there is only a hundred people, that hundred will see that nut case and that holds back that nut cases actions!

You have a thousand people and that case is hidden and most gravitate towards less social interactions and form enclaves, the useless waste of space gutless nut case is now dangerous!

Any and all mutations, that are either from increasing pollutants, or just the evolutionary reasons that are happening to life as I type, which is why we exist at all looking this way, these with in our society with modern medicines and more are cared for and helped to survive.
You combine all that and what our increasing numbers is required for economies to keep moving forward and, lol, where will it end?

There you go, extract every last aquarium life form from our once beautiful oceans compared to what is there now and the right to breed and live in the ways we do and in such huge numbers with the capacity to change our habitat to what makes very little sense unlike any other creatures, will still wipe it all out as it was and is!
The world will go on as it always has before we came along, just from the first dominant species, as was the flat worm to us now, not one dominant species has ever done anything worth while for not just them selves, but for all other that live here at the time.
So we do not equate to anything of any value to a flat worm, actually we are far less valuable.
Now those reasons are why there is no hope “at all” “ever”, just a shit of the opposite the commonsense!!!

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