Should you treat NSW-a water change?

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Should you treat NSW-a water change? Empty Should you treat NSW-a water change?

Post  liquidg on 13th February 2016, 3:34 pm

They say you can get unwanted algae species from a water change and potential parasite or pests entering your tank this way, you sure can!
Now the best way to treat your water if you are concerned by this!
Get your water and leave it sit for a couple of weeks in the sun or just our side somewhere so the temps can vary.
Nothing that was in the ocean at the time of the water change survives that!
Just make sure no water evaps from the containers!
PH will be a bit out of wack from this, so if it is a large water change, gently PH buff with extra mag and lime as you do the change and it is all good.

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