Surfing Queenslands sunshine coast (left handers) near caloundra

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Surfing Queenslands sunshine coast (left handers) near caloundra

Post  liquidg+ on 22nd October 2009, 12:04 am

These are just two of the many spots on the sunshine coast very close to Caloundra that you can park right near it and walk a short distance from your car for some of the best left hand breaks on the sunshine coast.
There are two other awsome left handers on the sunshine coast but these are the simplest to get to,the others are old woman island of which on the right day beats most left hand breaks in Aus and than there is shelley beach that is very tide affected.

This one is callled the Ann street break at the norther end of Dickies beach.
On a westerly direction wind it will hold any sized swell,though it can be hard to get out there and there may be a north to south sweep.

This is the wave at the the open ocean boat ramp on caloundra point,half way from the Kings beach surf club to brays point.
In a northerly wind it will hold virtualy any size wave.

This shelley beach next to moffats headland.


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