Story bridge over the Brisbane river and surrounds.

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Story bridge over the Brisbane river and surrounds.

Post  liquidg on 16th April 2010, 2:17 am

This is just for some of our over seas forum users more so than most others just to see a couple of pics of what is at the heart of Brisbane in south east Queensland of which our club tries to represent the best it can.

Anyone that has pics of any where else please feel free to put them up in your own thread.

The pics are of the bridge and portions of the river near by.

Click on this link and a spot 5 mins walk from the bridge facing the city will come up.
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Its no where near as impressive as a lot of other bridges or cities really,but it is where we are and its part of our home town,sought of.

The south east is very big on bike ways and walking areas,this one is part of a floating example.

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