Corong Island in the Phillipines

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Corong Island in the Phillipines

Post  liquidg on 8th June 2010, 10:19 am

One of my oldest mates is a dive instructor of over 20 years now and diving far longer than that and some times dives with the club and for his last trip to the Philippines he had gotten his first underwater camera and straight after his first time at using it the casing was stolen.

This camera was an oldish one so he has not been able to get a housing easy enough or cheap enough as it is not made any more but here is his first and only try on that camera.

I don't know what the camera was or the depths or anything else,it took me ages to get the pics out of him for a little extra forum content.

I think he did quite well though for a first try.

This is dave trying to look like a diver,lol.

Just some general pics.

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