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Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ.

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Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Empty Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ.

Post  liquidg on 10th March 2012, 2:51 pm

The cilibanarius viresens that has yellow at its leg tips.
It can grow to a max of 30 millimeters.
This hermit if it has no larger shells to up grade to will clean your aquarium of all cyano and all left over foods.
It should be remembered that if you add shells to up grade to or allow a hermit crab to be of a reasonable size in the aquarium, they would hunt and harm your marine fish and shrimps.
Common at the low tide at open ocean sites and sometimes in muddy bays.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Yellow-claw-hermits-

Limpet snails.
These are classed as amphibious snails.
They graze on both algae and cyano which grows at the mid to high tide mark at estuary bars and semi protected shore line reefs.
This is due to the shallows attaining high photosynthetic actions being in the stronger light and nutrients that encourage these life forms growth is concentrated more at the surface.
They are at their most abundant in nutrient rich areas that encourage robust algae and cyano growth, which they thrive on.
We have certain areas here where limpets are incredibly abundant and they are areas of high nutrient levels and vary in temperature a great deal.
Due the fact they are predated on, they are sally found quite a ways above the low tide mark.
Juveniles show the many spikes making them look somewhat like a sea star until they attain a size above 8 to 15 millimetres.
In east auz waters we have three variations and all act and feed the same.
Limpet meat, being that it is an algae grazer is incredibly healthy and beneficial blended in a home made invert and fish food mix.
In Q we can only take 50 of these at any one time.  
If they do not feel threatened in your aquarium, they are a must for algae and cyano clean up.
This pic shows the limpets mouth.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Limpit-mouth-

Petrolishes family member, porcelain crab nick named as a squat lobster.
The most efficient algae remover possible for the reef aquarium, cyano as well.
These harmless little crabs/lobster that can attain a size of around 40 mil max are the ultimate clean up crew guy and can be found at low tides in such abundance that it would seem as if the area is totally moving there are so many there.
One draw back with these little guys is they have near no defences as the two sets of claws, the other at their mouth are not designed for defence, just algae mowing.
When they shed every one wants to eat them and at other times your wrasse will mow them down.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Algaeeatingcrab

Istiblennius meleagris-lawnmower blenny.
These fish can become aggressive and kill shedding shrimp and attack weak fish.
This blenny nick named the lawn mower blenny-(istiblennius meleagris) is one of five species in this category, this is because of their capacity to literally mow through the tanks algae, but not adult hair algae.
These fish are prone to jumping out of the aquarium and will except virtually any foods. They can live out water for up to four hours.
Very common in most open ocean rock pools.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Istblenniusmealigris-lawmowerblenny

Any snails at low tide mark or the best is the ones always in water just in the zone that was low tide now the tide is full,these are all algae eaters.
The one to stay clear of is the type with spiralling lumps on the shell,this one can bore through other shelled creatures.
Common everywhere.
Excluding the snail shell type in the first pic with hermits in them,it is a oyster burrower and can potentially kill clams and other shell fish.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Snails--1
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Snails-
More snail clean up crew.
Names and info when there is time
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Shellfish1
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Shellfish2

Lysmata multicissa -Peppermint shrimp
This life form as part of the clean up crew for the aquarium combined with limpets,is all you need for all aquarium cleaning needs.
Common at low tides of .30 in dirty waters.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Lysmatamulticissa-peppermintshrimp

Tropical abalone.
Very harmless algae cleaner for the aquarium and can live in temps from 20c to 30c.
Non invasive, remains small though crabs or wrasse in a reef may kill them..
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Tropial-abalonie-

Synapta maculata-synaptidae family algae worm.
Excelent consumer of all forms of unwanted algae.
They are inclined to get sucked into pumps and over flows, harmless to all reef tank life.
Clean up crew found near Brisbane in SEQ. Worm-

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