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Stingray weapon/spike.

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Stingray weapon/spike. Empty Stingray weapon/spike.

Post  liquidg on 26th August 2012, 12:29 pm

A quite famous adventurer/crock hunter died as a result of a weapon that most people would not have any experience with; this is the type of weapon that took his life.

This is from a medium sized adult ray that either lost it in a fight or has died and this is all that was found of it.

This is found near where the tail joins the body and with a great deal of force the ray will arch its back using the swim flaps to raise the area where this spike is and harpoon the aggressor or predator to the ray.

They normally snap it off in you though this one is complete more or less.

Stingray weapon/spike. Ray-weapon-1-

Stingray weapon/spike. Ray-weapon-2-

Here are two large bull rays that would have this sized weapon or slightly larger to use if you are above it.

Stingray weapon/spike. Rays-

Video of eagle ray

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