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brine shrimp culture

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brine shrimp culture Empty brine shrimp culture

Post  fergo 30th March 2013, 5:51 am

Ok as promised some pics and information about my brine shrimp culture, please see other cultures which i will try and link.

Ok once obtaining a starter culture (Thanks Dr Snell), you add the culture to standard salt water from your tank (i did this as part of my water change using my old tank water to fill my culture container).

Once added you need a air bubbler, and food in this case photoplankton

ok so you add food when ever the water starts to turn clear and you harvest when you can. you can harvest a number of ways but i take the bubbler out for a few mins, then syphon through a rotifer sieve ]

Now this is by far not the best most efficient way of culturing brine or anything else, but it works for me and suits me in terms of maintenance ect.

there are two important things to make note of:
1) you should never put the brine shrimp culture water in your aquarium as its very high in bad stuff (trates, trites ect).
2) make sure you never contaminate your photoplankton culture with brine shrimp or rotifers as they will eat all of your culture. for that reason ensure you use buckets ect exclusively for the photoplankton.

If anyone would like a starter culture just let me know and i am happy to bring a culture for you to the meeting. Which was part of the agreement from Dr Snell.

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