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Amity point

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Amity point Empty Amity point

Post  liquidg on 11th December 2013, 12:04 pm

Pelicans at amity swimming enclosure

Amity jetty
Amity point Jetty-_zpsocifkeuw

pylons of jetty
Amity point Amity-pilons-_zps181coizq

jetty sunset
Amity point Jetty-_zpszck68uuj

A couple more pics
Amity point Amity-_zps90641825

Amity point Amity-Diver-_zps44bb6773

This area is close to the bar, which can attract high shark content, more so wobbegongs.

For swimming,(there is a netted area) snorkelling, scuba diving and general smooth water activities, it is perfect and the tide at the boat ramps here is 50 minutes earlier than the Brisbane bar tide.

The best spots are, at the end of Birch Street where you can drive your car and comfortably get into the water.

The next access point is via the lane way on the left of to the amity general store, the water at these spots averages 30 to 45 feet deep at the deepest.

The jetty is a fun dive and the boat ramps area out to 45 feet, for ease and interesting life variations is the best spot.

In line with fence on the northern side of the park next the boat ramps there is a pinnacle reef out there that starts at around 45 feet out from where the rock wall and sand slope finish.

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