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Ban the bag????

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Ban the bag???? Empty Ban the bag????

Post  liquidg 24th June 2018, 1:46 pm

Any one who signed onto this crap has made a huge mistake!!
With out all the facts, as many of us do with most things, this way of doing things really ruins our world.
The bags that were given to us at our shopping trip were not great, but did break down, now the bin bags we will make coles and woollies richer by buying, do not break down, period!
There were always bags that we and any creature can consume with no ill affects, just as cheap to buy, by the supermarkets for shoppers, but you guys that supported this crap played right into their hands!!!
Now there will have to be a fight to use bio bags, but!!! there will not be enough notoriety for the wankers that brought on the ban the bag crap with out promoting the alternative, so it may never happen. Good work any one who supported this with out an alternative, what a complete stuff up.
This is just one of the many alternatives we will  not see at the supermarket any time soon that those idiots should have pushed for.
This is just one we use out of many that those ban the bag morons did not push for!!!!!!
Ban the bag???? 9TunRw5

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