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Best scuba fins!!

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Best scuba fins!! Empty Best scuba fins!!

Post  liquidg on 24th June 2018, 2:24 pm

Over many years of basic free, commercial and rec scuba diving, for so many reasons the parralon fins blow all the rest away for price, compfort, propulsion and toughness!!
Not made for many years these fins, that are a sort of copy of the scuba pro jet fins. To this day they still blow me away with their simplistic,resiliant and effortless powerfull push they provide and fit into small spaces, not crevices, lol, like my dive bag, lol!
I use to like the pretty and expensive fins, but for two years now i have been using a set of these parallon jet fins that i bought at the markets for $10 as a joke sort of.
They were like a toy jet fin, lol, no they are not!!!
I have used the scuba pro jet fins and wow and these wow, i even told a mate to look at the scuba pros, he bought a pair for over $200.
I shouldnt say crap about most fins, they work great, till they get tears in them, but once you use the jet style fins for full on diving and you want them to really last, the rest is crap!!!!
I have bought two more pairs now, being very old school ,both the other pairs were under $20, lol.
They should last me out of diving no worries in say 15 years, probably with two pairs still not used, lol.
My fav from aways back were my avantis, they only lasted with the way i dive, less then 8 months.
Best scuba fins!! F5xszYr

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