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White human history in Australia and else where.

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White human history in Australia and else where. Empty White human history in Australia and else where.

Post  liquidg 13th September 2018, 2:32 pm

Some time before the ice age, that allowed a few races to literally walk here, the Sumatrans, possibly the first sailors, made their way to Western Australia by boats.
A little later on, due to that current ice age allowing easy access to Australian shores, a few races came here that were to become the current indigenous folks via blending/interbreeding to what we have now.
Some very old pics of the first missionaries that set up food stops for the indigenous folks, that when appearing, there were three races there.
One of pigmies, well very small folks lets say that, they lived here as well in auz. they are long gone, I presume dead and gone!
Then cave drawings by who ever lived way back were found and documented, the depicted figures are of the Sumatrans, the grey giants, the folks back then called them that, this was a very long time ago.
A book on all this with pics was banned and not allowed out of the country, probably said to be racist, lol.
When the shit hit the fan,  when the pics were found out about, there was mass destruction of these cave paintings, I wonder why?
Personally I am proud that lucy was one of our oldest sort of human shaped ancestors.
Here is an interesting thing!
This guy I knew years back, was very black, lol, he was new to auz and only on a working visa to make money to support his family back in Africa, they were not doing well back there.
In his time, that he knew of and herd of more from way back, there were 5 whites born in his area from black people and he was related to a few, there were albinos, but these were not albinos, they had our features with varied coloured eyes.
Its is so simple where we white folks came from!!!!
Originally, mutations from black folks communities. So what, we are all human!!!
What holds us back and always will, are those instincts tucked away back in our genes from when we were truly animals and not this human animal!!

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