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Post  liquidg 20th October 2018, 10:55 am

Cannabis oil, for this to not be available for all for health purposes, is amazingly stupid!!!
The oil needs to be there for us and is of no harm to us!!!

The smoking of cannabis, by 55 or 65 yeasrs of age, for those that smoke it regularly, there is no turning back to what we have done to your selves for that aaahhhhhh high or sense of relaxation or similar, but for some one dieing, yep, palliative care with it is cool and cannabis has to be made legal and easy to access for folks dying.

These links for smokers of it, that are addicted that think they aren't, and most will say they are not, its like a non believer telling a religious person to prove their is a god, lol, they will condemn anything that goes against their belief and no mater what the science or proof, it is all wrong!!!

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