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Climate change???

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Climate change??? Empty Climate change???

Post  Admin 5th December 2018, 9:06 am

David Attenborough says we are in dire straights!
We??? The rest of our world’s life is going down real fast due to us!!!
I suppose some fools and organizations that rely on monies coming from all kinds of polluting activities and of course the bullshit recycling activities, all would disagree, and that is where it all falls down!
Most common folks want to breed and carry on with out the use of common sense and in third world countries and old school areas on average, what else can they do in their spare time, they breed to available cover, available water and food supplies and when any of those are not available, then the world helps out through world vision types of organizations.
Nothing will be as it was with our infestation and this is not a joke, we are the same as an invading virus, an infestation!
It is becoming clear that in the near future countries wanting the pace others have, that are poor countries, will try to take it all from the others and frustrations will boil over and we will have a world war.
It will seem to some, to ensure that their race goes on, it will rely on the demise of others, that is human nature!
All economies are baste on growth, so no matter what, all what was and could have been are totally screwed, no matter what words are wasted, who is going to force society to stop our breeding?? There you go!
Your children's children, that soon, they will certainly find it hard to survive!
The current climate change event, of many over earths history, that is our fault this time, its impacts have been felt for over 300 years and dramatically excelerating from the mid 1900s yet nothing is, or will be done, how can it, its not going to be fixed by recycling or renewables, the only way to fix this is a massive drop in human population!

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