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What is Depression??!!

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What is Depression??!! Empty What is Depression??!!

Post  liquidg 8th January 2019, 1:36 pm

The word depression, is stupid!!
It does not define anything and this serious malfunction with in many of us, called depression, takes lives and ruins lives!!
There has been heaps of it around me from short term, which most of us experience at some stage, to bi-polar 1 and 2, once called manic!
Depression is- some of us have a mutation with in us where endorphins, our pleasure hormones, flood out of us as quick as they are made, this puts sufferers in a really bad place, that is depression!
No good thoughts or good head space or happy thoughts in any way, just our subconscious gaining strength and what is bothering us at the time and old distorted memories take over!
Anti-depressants are called blockers, they block the our flow of our endorphins that with out our bodies hanging onto them, this leaves us feeling like shit.
So for that feeling attained by a cool drink, a tasty food, something usually pleasing to see, a cool car, hot opposite sex seen and the biggy, an orgasm and so on, all these producers of endorphins, if you have this mutation called depression, they are literally being flushed out of us. As they flood out of sufferers blood supply, this leaves the sufferers of depression, semi hopeless!
They are left with nothing good to hold onto, that we non sufferers don't even realise we are enjoying that we so calmly take for granted.
So with out help, as the black dog-another name for clinical depression, gives you all kinds of fears preventing you from showing your disorder, making them self medicate with sex, drugs, grog and more, these take them know where!!! Oh and the back packers!! ocd, anxiety and so on, any of these, depending on the sufferer, comes with depression!
I know of so many, even relatives doing this, a woman from work killed herself on boxing day, the black dog got her, 51, now dead!!

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