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Black lives matter or BLM, what is this all about?

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Black lives matter or BLM, what is this all about? Empty Black lives matter or BLM, what is this all about?

Post  liquidg 1st August 2020, 1:28 am

Here in Australia this is mostly about black lives lost in prison!
Most of these lives are lost due to their own suicides, so how do we fix that?
The one aboriginal person they hold up as an example is David Dungay, he died in the prison hospital in 2015.
Now his Criminal record is very extensive including robberies with violence with use of a weapon, then he was jailed for rape of a 16 year old, you see he tried to sodomise her, the bashed her with a broom stick, chased her with a brick and punched her in the head!

He was also in prison for armed robbery, him and three mates broke into a house where they found a 61 year old man, his sick wife and a 91 year old mother in law, they bashed the man so badly he needed 27 stitches, a nice guy hey???

The story the BLM idiots want you to believe is the guards rushed into his cell and held him down due to not stopping eating biscuits as he was told to do so and he died as a result of this, right?

Okay he had chronic schizophrenia and was psychotic and was a serious diabetic!
Now when put in prison where his blood sugar levels were found to be dangerously high, right?

He was spotted eating biscuits, which for a diabetic, with uncontrolled high blood sugar, can be death or loss of limbs!
He would not stop eating them, the guards went in and stopped him, they took him to the hospital and the warders found him very agitated, so the nurse gave him a sedative, all these things are on cctv through out the prison!! no way to lie about any of it!!

He died soon after the sedative!! i am a diabetic, i know his blood sugar did it!!
Interesting fact, aboriginals, as in any native humans to any country, are at a far greater risk of every thing compared to white folks like diabetes, alcohol, viruses, everything, it is just nature!!!!!!!!

Okay we now know their excuse for BLM here in Aus is bullshit!!
Do you know how many racist bags of shit there are here in aus, the same as anywhere else, near non and if they are racist, they are obviously stuffed in the head and there are stuffed in the head humans!!

We love our black Australians, they are a part of this country, but as with white law breakers, they deserve to be locked up and if they want to die there and not do prison time for their crimes, they have rights you know!!!!

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