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hydrogen peroxide and ammonia neutralizer for reef Aquariums.

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hydrogen peroxide and ammonia neutralizer for reef Aquariums. Empty hydrogen peroxide and ammonia neutralizer for reef Aquariums.

Post  liquidg 9th September 2020, 12:30 am

Here in aus a product called ammo lock is for adding to saltwater or high PH freshwater aquariums when ammonia is present at levels not safe, there are many products that do this..
It converts ammonia to the more harmless ammonium!

Any of these should not be used for more then two weeks max, its not good for your reef tank if used for too long!!

You see a test of ammonia in freshwater aquariums is in the test tube, meaning the chems convert the ammonium to ammonia so it will test, but of course in saltwater or freshwater with PH above 7.8 ammonium is converted to ammonia naturally.
Now peroxide is a strong bleaching agent, so when i want to kill off things like hair algae, colonizing anemones and any semi or actual stationary pests in the aquarium, i put a little peroxide in the syringe, i use a pet syringe, then turn off pumps, reach in and syringe that creature or that algae and turn on pumps.

You then have millions of tiny oxygen bubbles in your water for a few minutes which are harmless but will help save fish that are on their last legs due to the sudden oxygen rush!
I use 35percent pure hydrogen peroxide, it has no toxic stabilizers in it like most peroxides.
Peroxide is h2o2, meaning pure freshwater with extra oxygen molecules added to it!
If used straight it is a powerful bleaching agent, but when used in saltwater, its bind of H2O2 is separated in seconds, hence oxygen bubbles in your water!!!
If used right and i have been using it for over 12 years, it is really good shit!!!
I put a few drops in my tank each day, the raised oxygen kills off many unwanted things and my guys love the extra oxygen!!

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