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Buffet/smorgasbord in the Redlands, Brisbane bay side

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Buffet/smorgasbord in the Redlands, Brisbane bay side Empty Buffet/smorgasbord in the Redlands, Brisbane bay side

Post  liquidg on 24th April 2011, 1:08 pm

Over the years I have been to many buffets/smorgasbords around Aus, we’ve been to Chinese, Mexican, all types really.

The most consistent in quality, value, variety and out right very tasty foods, is buffet world restaurant at wellington point.

We went there again at the last Thursday night special, which is Monday to Thursday nights when it is a few dollars cheaper than the weekend, they offer the buffet at around $24 on those nights and offer discounts to pensioners, children and members of Redlands sporting club.

The casual restaurant is inside the Redlands sporting club, so you need to be an RSL or a club member to get in or join there as you come in, it’s very simple.

The array of foods is wonderful, Asian foods section, all your meats in the section with pastas,than the next is oysters,sushi,prawns, to name few dishes on offer, if you go out of there with out a full belly, you need serious help!

Oh there are heaps of deserts as well,mmmmm.

That’s the way to enjoy a meal, several trips to the counters and return with your favourites or back wards and forwards trying all that’s on offer.

The people that work there are a reflection of the manager, friendly happy workers that are very organised and each customer is treated as good as the next.

My family have always been sizzler supporters, up until the price for a simple, mainly salad buffet, offered no where near the varied foods for a good price any more for us, but this is only our opinion and some of our friends feel the same, if you try the buffet, I have a feeling you will go back many times and enjoy as we have, a good buffet!

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