Cephalopods found near Brisbane in SEQ

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Cephalopods found near Brisbane in SEQ

Post  liquidg on 16th May 2012, 3:08 pm

All of the cephalopods that follow are suited to marine aquariums.
The foods for these are small inverts like crabs,shrimp,also small fish are suited to them.

Bobtail squid cephalopod eggs and the juveniles from those specific eggs.

Bobtail squid
These are very closely related to cuttle fish, these juveniles from those eggs and they have eight suckered arms and two tentacles and are generally quite small


Flamboyant cuttlefish.
Toxic flesh if eaten, up to 2 year life span,but if it gets to breed they die straight away.

Pyjama cuttlefish.
Toxic mucus coating.
Needs temps below 24c and lives for up to two years unless breeding is achieved, then they die straight away.

Blue ring octopus.
Very dangerous!!!
Neuro toxin injected from its beak that you do not feel at all, will shut down entire cardio vascular and respiratory systems and if CPR can be performed successfully for quite a long time, the toxin passes through and a complete recovery is possible.

Juvenile next american dime.

Octopus viliensis,big headed octopus.
Harmless and for some reason these ones won’t bite.
Very common yet very little is known about them.
We have kept them and they are picked on and predated on by other fish in the aquarium.
They eat anything and like cool waters, keep a strong lid on the aquarium and they make a great pet.

Not suitable for the average aquarium.
a large octopus changing its colouration.

octopus trail of destruction.

cuttlefish pair

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