Nano cree LED light fitting for $108 USD.

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Nano cree LED light fitting for $108 USD.

Post  liquidg on 21st July 2012, 9:36 am

Ruby just sent a special through in relation to a nano light.

Shes from greensun and lets us know any specials available at the time.

This seems like a pretty good price though there will be shipping.

12 diodes of any degree-8300K XPG R5 and 12 units royal blue XPE

With movable controller box, can adjust brightness with knob respectively for blue and white.

Detachable plugs for connecting a timer.

Dimension of 400*162*70

With extented telescopic hangling kit.

With 356/10'' PAR value.

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Re: Nano cree LED light fitting for $108 USD.

Post  finfan on 21st July 2012, 3:23 pm

That's looks good...

It would be good to know how much shipping is? - it is certainly the right price -cree which is good and remote dimming control which looks like it could be connected to a electronic timer? this of course would depend on the driver used....

I would be keen to get one to try it out if anyone else is keen....maybe a group buy to save on shipping....who's up.?



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