Caulerpa ID is quite often wrong!!!

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Caulerpa ID is quite often wrong!!!

Post  liquidg on 20th September 2012, 11:05 am

I was just looking around other forums and I saw some miss information some where (as usual), this time with algae and thatís quite often wrong information as well.

Racemosa caulerpa is the one most get wrong so often!!!!!!

This is actual Caulerpa racemosa, well a morph of it any way and racemosa is the most capable of morphing of all caulerpa varieties.

Caulerpa Peltata is the one that is being confused with the racemosa, above as usual.

These are our references on local caulerpa and some other algae.

This information comes from actual specialists in these fields, these helpful professionals get sent the pics and they identify them and more.

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Re: Caulerpa ID is quite often wrong!!!

Post  DeadSled on 25th September 2012, 12:08 pm

Just the topic i was looking for, kind of.. Have you still got your gigantic forest of caulerpa growing? I've sold my 6ft and setting up a new tank but will need some more for my new sump.

I hope you can spare some for me Razz

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