Great white culling in WA.

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Great white culling in WA.

Post  liquidg on 28th September 2012, 12:30 pm

Have you guys seen the absolute crap,(well I think its crap), around the traps about the shark cull planed for WA?

I love to see the idiotic ravings of the know nothing greenies of our society, this is some of the pure essence of why we are smothering out many life forms as we go.

So basically these idiots want to save the white pointers that could never be wiped out any way, just reduced in numbers and the useless masses want keep on breeding as we are and bring on the demise of millions of creatures and literally mass extinctions of amazing life forms, much smaller then the white pointers, so they donít seem to notice them.

WA has the idian ocean cooler currrent temps,so they will have the probs with whites always beyond our rising ocean temps over those families hitting the beach need some protection.

Honestly, these morons all have the human structure as I do, so I am stuck categorized with them,bugger!!!!!!

What the hell is wrong with culling from certain sections of the coast and not others to allow these sharks some numbers and us safety?

As the whales have gone up in numbers so are the white pointers until itís a death per week or faster in time, its basic logic,geez,if they are protected always, they will become not just a problem to use but to the balance of large ocean species in general!

When I see things like, you go in the ocean you take the risk, then I hope its those morons that loose their loved ones at a harmless day at the beach to a set of teeth and not the rest of us.

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