Choosing a nice natured clown trigger fish.

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Choosing a nice natured clown trigger fish.

Post  liquidg on 25th November 2012, 9:44 am

The one I have now and a few before this one were of a good nature due to choosing the right one.

This one is a male, the top spots shows you which sex.

Mine are always wild caught but the principal is still the same when buying them.
The one that doesn’t hide and is not scared in any way is the one that will have the best nature.

The cowards seem to be the most aggressive, esopecaily if they sense your fear.

The only reason I collected one a few months back was this is my daughters fav fish, so the top tank will get it as soon as I get the red line shrimp lysmata out of that one.

This pic is of the large latezonatus that a mate wanted and then changed his mind and the trigger fighting over some mussel, the lat normally wins?

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