Austrolethops wardi or nudey goby collected.

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Austrolethops wardi or nudey goby collected.

Post  liquidg on 30th November 2012, 8:15 am

The one our club pres found is an Austrolethops wardi-nudey goby,this was a little while back on a collecting trip, this ugly little beggar was lazing away in the burrow of a thalassinid mud lobster, the only goby that does that, the other symbiotic gobies donít live quite this way!

Some of what it does were found while I kept it in my tube worm tub, amazing little critter in many ways.

I got it feeding and coexisting with other fish and inverts, during that time I took plenty of pics and took it to the museum and passed on the info on this rather ugly little darling when I was finished with it.

No one in the club wanted the goby, frankly I thought it was the type that lives from the butt of sea cucumbers that I have collected before and when i got it identified it was wanted, very wanted, so after some trials as to how these things live, itís DNA is now in use.

The info and what they will do with it should be of help to the knowledge pool on this little goby as not much is known about itís life style and several fascinating aspects of it while I had it are now known, two things not documented especially.

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