Blue ring octopus likes peppermint shrimp.

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Blue ring octopus likes peppermint shrimp.

Post  liquidg on 27th September 2013, 1:53 pm

On a couple of recent collecting trips we have seen some small ocys and when this blue ring popped up I thought I would keep one again.

To keep an ocy is very easy as they will take virtually any relatively fresh marine meat from you.

With a teaming shore line of boxer shrimp and our local peppermints shrimps, there is always plenty of food supply for a small ocy.

So i cleaned out a tub for this little ocy and made a home of a large barnicle that it took to straight away and I feed it each second day.

This is it enjoying its third pep, this one i had squashed for it;

Tentacle testing the pep.

Got it.

Back home in the barnicle,lol.

The little blue ring does a lot of wondering in its small area and as the walls are very high from the waters surface and itís a plastic tub, there is little chance of it getting out as with many other ocys.

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